Cherries Jubilee

Sanjiv Singh
This is a spectacular dessert and about as easy as it gets. Just the right thing for a cosy dinner. This dessert is at least 50% show, so remember to put some good music on the stereo and turn down the lights when you serve it. Recipe from Fritz Knabe.
Serves 6.

1 24-oz. can cherry pie filling
1/4 cup brandy, cognac or rum
good vanilla ice-cream

In a large skillet, heat the cherry pie filling over a low flame until it is warmed through. Take the skillet, the brandy and a wooden spatula to the table. Pour the brandy over the cherry pie filling and light it with a match. Stir the filling with the spatula, making sure not to let the spatula (which will have small flames on it) not to get close to anything else that is flammable. When the flames are spent, serve the cherry pie over vanilla ice cream.

From the Dinner Co-op