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Completely subjective ! :)

  • Ancient Recipe Books (written on papyrus). Excerpts.
  • The Food Museum
  • Informative Essays on Cooking, Food and Nutrition. (mostly vegetarian)
  • Color Matters: Can color suppress your appetite?
  • The Gourmet Gardener growing your own food
  • Hints on growing fruit and on growing vegetables
  • Michael Witbrock's explanation of Why Americans say "entrée" when everyone else says "main". Here's a dictionary of UK to US food translations .
  • The Bhakti-Yogi has an interesting description of how to cook good vegetarian cuisine and a (pretty philosophical) discussion of being vegetarian.
  • FOODplex!: Merrill Shindler's guide to Eating Pretty Good. It tells you why you love to eat! From the results of tasting dog biscuits to which hot sauce is hottest to where are the best Moroccan restaurants, this page is full of all kinds of cool stuff. Great page!
  • Food for Space Flight: just what do they eat?
  • Ben & Jerry's Homemade Icecream (I'm a fan :)
  • Unusual Foods of the World
  • Au Grand Bois eco-friendly summer camps for kids & adults: organic gardens, 100% Vegetarian, composting, recyling, re-using, natural medicine.
  • Richardson Researches: courses on the technology of chocolate!!!
  • Caffeine Delerium: the homepage of a composer... listen to his caffeine inspired music!

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