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We're a group of about 15 people in the Pittsburgh area (some links: I, II ) who love food, cooking & eating. 10 years ago, we started off as a group of CMU CS & Robotics grad students, but over the years we have diversified. Right now we seem to be about half CS/Robotics, and about half medical types.

  • General Introduction
  • FAQ
  • A Brief History
  • Cooking Schedule Information
  • A list of the current members, and some of the alumni. Some photos
  • Quote File (Comments we just couldn't forget!)
  • Some recent menus
  • Relevant addresses:
  • Head cooper: k h a i g
  • Dinner Coop: d i n n e r - c o o
  • Treasurer: d i n n e r - c o o p - t r e a s u r e (bill format)
  • Do you eat? Can you boil eggs? We're always on the lookout for new members, so if this looks like something you'd be interested in, have a look at the membership information.
  • We maintain a list of people who might be interested in forming or joining a co-op in areas outside Pittsburgh. Take a look! We have our first serious startup effort in Minneapolis!

    Here are a couple of other co-op formats.

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