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This is a page for lovers of food... folks who enjoy cooking and/or eating... Besides more than 750 of our own dinner co-op's favourite recipes, we have more than 3000 links to restaurants, shops, (other peoples') recipes and food information pages. Enjoy!

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We were featured in the October 30th edition of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Read this information about the co-op, including membership info!

About us... About Us Take a look at this article written about us! If you want to know more, browse through this coop information where we describe our co-op, have tips for setting up your own, menus from our meals and some of the better quotables from dinnertable discussions!
Our reference archives...
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  • Our own co-op recipe collection, the menus we choose, and also pointers to other recipe sites around the world. Looking for a particular recipe you can't find anywhere? Try one of these interactive forums.

  • Stores: about 450 on-line gourmet food, chocolate, alcohol and other cooking stores, plus other cooking-type stores: software, gadgets & stuff. Also some Farmer's Markets in the U.S.A., and The World Guide to Markets. For those in Pittsburgh, a list of the more "exotic" grocery stores including berry farms and environmentally friendly shopping.

  • Restaurant Reviews (both in Pbgh and other locations)

  • Vegetarianism Spices & Chile Chocolate Alcohol Caffeine Other Foods

  • Focus on Chocolate, on Vegetarianism, on Spices & Chile, on Coffee & Caffeine, on Alcohol, and on a few other foods (sushi, bread, cheese, berries, etc).

  • Electronic Gourmet Guide: the internet magazine dedicated to food and cooking.

    The Culinary Professional's Resource Center and For the Professional: a collection of links for those in the industry (including culinary schools & associations).

    The Kitchen Link: a guide to what's cooking on the net. A very comprehensive resource to food on the net.

    Humourous links and Cool & Bizzarre links

    Cookbooks & Magazines News Health Information
    For the Professional Cooking Tips Food Information
  • CookBooks and other cooking literature which gives pointers to on-line magazines, bookstores and book reviews. Some newsgroups of interest, mailing lists, and other interactive sites.
  • Cooking tips & terms (and metric conversions)
  • Health & Nutrition information, and general Food information pages... everything from growing your own, legal codes, food rescue, TV shows, and all kinds of other stuff.

  • If you haven't got enough stuff to read already (!), browse through the links in this file

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