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This page contains pointers to things that might be interesting to professional cooks & people thinking about becoming one.
  • The Culinary Professional's Resource Center
  • Escoffier On-Line: Resources for professionals
  • FoodNet for food industry professionals.
  • FoodNet: info for the Canadian food industry
  • Institute of Food Science & Technology (UK qualifying body for food professionals)
  • Link Culinaire online services for chef's (prices, recipes, links...)
  • Interactive Sites
  • FoodWorld: meeting place for food professionals
  • a bboard system for professionals (bboards include educators, ACF stuff and catering)
  • The French Baker's Club: on-line baking know-how. (primarily in French)
  • Associations
  • The eGG's list of Associations & Organizations
  • National Restaurant Association
  • International Foodservice Manufacturers Association
  • American Culinary Federation: association of Cooks and Chefs
  • Grocery Manufacturers of America (organization led by the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies that make and market the world's best-known brands of food and consumer packaged goods)
  • ProVisions Online: directory of food service professionals
  • Jobs
  • Chef's Professional: resources for job seekers
  • Catering UK: events, jobs, ads, journals, products, companies....
  • Opus Executive Search: job recruitment for asian hotels
  • Escoffier Online: networking, jobs, education, industry...
  • Books & Magazines
  • Becoming a Chef: "one of the best books ever written about the back-of-the-house side of the restaurant business"
  • Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine
  • Hotelier: Canadian Hotel Industry
  • FoodChannel: articles on food trends, food industry, products & more.
  • Cameron Publications (marketing material for professionals)
  • Kostuch Publications (foodservice & hospitality publications)
  • Convenience Store News
  • FORUM On Small Food Manufacturing Businesses
  • NRN onLine foodservice news and information.
  • Consulting & Marketing
  • Jack Lewis & Associates restaurant consulting services
  • Alex & Assoc. Espresso Biz Consulting; consulting for those in the coffee business
  • BakeryNet: for those who have or want to open a bakery. Password required.
  • Producing Profitable Results: restaurant management services
  • Church Marketing Services
  • Chef's Express: WWW marketing for restaurants
  • TKB Associates restaurant consulting
  • Software
  • Costguard Software: food and recipe costing, inventory control, recipe maintenance and sales analysis
  • RapidFire Solutions: restaurant point-of-sale systems
  • A list of Foodservice software
  • Equipment
  • JP Food Services: food distributor
  • Robert Orr - SYSCO Food Services: food distributor
  • Reckitt & Colman: products for the Canadian foodservice
  • The Law
  • Official California Legislative Information:
  • Health and Safety
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Water
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Schools
  • Lists
  • The ShawGuides' Guide to Cooking : ~1000 associations, programs & courses around the world
  • Le Chef College of Hospitality Careers
  • How to find culinary schools (with phone numbers)
  • The Blue Directory's list of Food Science Schools & Associations
  • Professional Food Organizations
  • Yahoo's list of Culinary Vocational Schools

  • Individual Schools
  • Richardson Researches: courses on the technology of chocolate!!!
  • Tamara's Kitchen: Australian cooking school
  • French Culinary Institute
  • Seattle Central Community College
  • SPICE (california culinary academy)
  • The Pennsylvania Culinary Institute
  • The Culinary Institute of America
  • The Chef John Folse Culinary Institute
  • The Hospitality Business School at MSU
  • The Cordon Vert Cookery School (Vegetarian school in the U.K.)
  • Johnson & Wales University: hospitality university
  • Santa Rosa Junior College Culinary Training
  • Delaware Technical & Community College Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management
  • Newhaven University Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • Northeastern University Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • University of Guelph - The School of Hotel And Food Administration
  • Le Cordon Bleu Paris Cooking Schoo (Ottawa, Canada)

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