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  • A good place to visit is the Blue Directory's Alcoholic Beverages page.
  • Yahoo's Drinks list
  • Yahoo's reviews of brew pages and reviews of wine pages are also good!
  • Smart Wine Online (they claim to be the world's largest Wine web site!) Well organized and good info
  • Intoxicating Liquors Legal Code
  • Scotch.Com: whisky information

  • Stores

  • Wine
  • American Wine on the Web: A World Wide Web magazine covering all aspects of American wines and winemaking
  • GrapeVine: wine lover's magazine
  • Wine Net News: events, and a list of resources on the web
  • Wine X Magazine
  • Wine page
  • Wines on the Internet
  • Brewtique Home Wine & Beer Maker's Emporium
  • the Grapevine has reviews, info, events, and more
  • Sam's Wine Warehouse
  • Wine Com
  • Solvenian Wine
  • Wine Comments and the Wine Industry Phonebook
  • Internet Bar Pages
  • Newsgroup
  • Newsgroup francom.biere-et-vins
  • Newsgroup rec.crafts.winemaking
  • Beer
  • The Celebrator Beer News
  • Brewing Techniques: a magazine about brewing
  • FAQ
  • Brewtique Home Wine & Beer Maker's Emporium
  • The Brewery heaps of beer information for home brewers and drinkers.
  • Dan Brown's Beer Page
  • The Real Beer Page
  • francom.biere-et-vins
  • rec.crafts.brewing
  • The Mead Makers Page

  • Recipes
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