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  • Reviews of Coffee Sites
  • A salute to Caffeine
  • Caffeine Archive - it even has a .gif of the caffeine molecule!
  • Over the Coffee (info resource... from vendors to culture)
  • Coffee a Go-Go info about all the different beans & roasts
  • Dave's Coffee Connection
  • The Coffee Home Page
  • HazelNet: a coffee site (news, stores, etc)
  • The Coffee Times (hawai'ian publicaion on coffee)
  • The Cyber Cafe Guide
  • Cyber Cafe (coffee history, lore, questions etc)
  • Caffeine FAQ's: 1. (html formatted) 2. (html formatted) 3. (text)
  • Yahoo's Caffeine (drugs) page
  • Nathan's Coffee Page
  • Coffee Talk Magazine another magazine about coffee
  • Caffeine Delerium: the homepage of a composer... listen to his caffeine inspired music!
  • Northwest Imports: espresso machines & gourmet coffee, FAQ about espresso, and The International Coffee Club
  • Caffeine in print (song lyrics)
  • Caffeine Stories

  • Coffee & Tea newsgroups
  • Coffee & Tea stores
  • Chocolate stores
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Alex & Assoc. Espresso Biz Consulting; consulting for those in the coffee business

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