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  • Conversions
  • Metric conversions
  • weight conversions
  • US-metric conversions
  • metric-US conversions
  • Other Conversions (temperature, cholesterol, etc)
  • US/UK/Metric Conversions (lots)
  • Terms
  • Le Petit Chef's Cooking Terms
  • Japanese Cooking Terms
  • Scottish Food and Drink
  • Louisina cooking terms
  • The Food Lover's Glossary: big dictionary!
  • Epicurious's dictionary
  • Spice Alphabet: names of spices in lots of other languages.
  • Culinary Word Origins
  • Substitutions
  • Aunt Edna's Substitutions
  • The Cook's Thesaurus: substitutions for a lot of cooking ingredients
  • Aunt Edna's Food Equivalents
  • A description of Food Types
  • Chef's Express Book: tips, glossary & recipes
  • Rudi's Cooking Tips (substitutions, stain removal, bread)
  • Cooking Tips
  • Cornucopia: gardening & culinary tips
  • Dolores'WEB Page: cake decorating
  • Helpful Hints for Successful Baking (from M&M's page)
  • The Chef's Store professional Chefware, product rating system, tips on what to use & when
  • How to make your recipes healthier
  • Simple ways to change recipes (to make them healthier)
  • Le Petit Chef's info on Cooking Methods
  • Le Petit Chef's info on Cooking Utensils
  • NetChef's Techniques (Preparing Mushrooms, Sauteing Vegetables, Mincing, Deglazing and Reducing, Toasting Pine Nuts, Cooking Pasta, Dicing Onions or Other Round Vegetables, Separating Egg Whites from Yolks, Dicing Tomatoes and other Vegetables)
  • USDA Food Safety & Nutrition fact sheets (in PDF format)
  • Drying, Freezing & Canning
  • Drying Foods
  • Freezing Food
  • Freezing Fruit
  • Freezing Vegetables
  • Freezing Meat
  • USDA Canning guide (in PDF format)
  • Home Canning Guide
  • Home Canning Smoked Fish
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