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  • The most comprehensive pointer is probably the Yahoo worm on Vegetarian stuff. The World Guide to Vegetarianism is also really good. These two are so good that I'm not going to even attempt to be better
  • Lots of veg*an links can be found at the Vegan Information Page, and the AARS Page.
  • The Vegetarian Resource Group
  • The Vegetarian FAQ might also be of interest.
  • The Vegan Action Page provides a more modern look on why one would want to be a vegetarian.
  • WiseWire's Vegetarian Articles
  • There are some interesting (mostly vegetarian) essays on cooking, food and nutrition too.
  • Vegetarian Nation a poetic view for vegetarianism.
  • The Bhakti-Yogi has an interesting description of how to cook good vegetarian cuisine and a (pretty philosophical) discussion of being vegetarian. They also have a long list of Vegetarian links

  • Au Grand Bois eco-friendly summer camps for kids & adults: organic gardens, 100% Vegetarian, composting, recyling, re-using, natural medicine.
  • Vegetarian Vacations: tours and holidays
  • Bicycle Beano: vegetarian bike tours of the UK
  • Vegetarian History Lessons from a Greek Chef
  • The FDA's comments on Vegetarian Diets
  • How to Become a Fruitarian (one who eats mostly fruit). Downloadable book.
  • McBooks Press vegetarian booktitles
  • The Vegetarian Society's BookList: a very long list of interesting veg*an books.
  • For those in Pittsburgh, Justin Boyan talks about where to Eat & Shop Green.


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  • Vegetarian Restaurants from the World Guide to Vegetarianism

    Vegetarian Clubs:

  • Vegan Action
  • The Triangle Vegetarian Society
  • MIT Vegetarian Support Group
  • Rice's Vegetarian Club
  • Vegan Society UK

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  • Try also browsing the long list of stores if you're interested in dairy products, or "regional" products (like Hawaii).

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