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This list is assembled from a variety of sources, so please email me if you spot any inaccuracies, have stuff to add, or can fill in names of places I vaguely mention...

Vegetarian & Organic Stores

Indian Stores

  • Bombay Emporium, Boulevard of the Allies (across from Playhouse): Indian specialties. Seedy and dirty, but they do have wild stuff, and you can rent a video camera for only $25 a night.
  • Kapoor Imports, 319 S. Craig Street (621-1800). Indian specialties including fresh veggies, spices, and samosas. Cleaner and neater than Bombay Emporium, and often cheaper.
  • Taj Emporium, 3005 Dell Ave, Dormont (341-5124). Open until 8pm, samosas, frozen Indian TV dinners, Indian-style ice cream, a good variety of fresh vegetables, and so on. The owners are pretty accomodating about trying to find special things for you.
  • India Grocers, 5040 William Penn Highway, Murrysville Shopps, Monroeville (325-3665), or 2101 Green Tree Rd., Scott Town Center, Pgh (429-5362). Better than Kapoors with more variety and lower prices. Also, they have enormous bags of the staple foods, so it'll be quite a bit cheaper if you need to buy in bulk. Closed Tuesdays. One warning: they don't take MAC or credit cards.
  • Other Asian Food Stores

  • Pgh Asian, Penn Ave, Wilkinsburg Large store carrying many Asian food stuffs, as well as cookware, etc. Avoid the electronics sold upstairs. Very expensive, but lots of selection.
  • Tokyo, Ellsworth, Shadyside (near the Artery) Japanese food store. Sells fresh fish for sushi.
  • New Sam Bok's, in the Strip (at the Wholey's end) Asian foods. Good selection, not as good if you need help or suggestions as the smaller places in Squirrel Hill.
  • Lotus, in the Strip (on Smallman). Probably the best selection in the strip.
  • You will spot several other Asian groceries if you walk around the Strip.
  • Central / South American Stores

  • Reyna Foods on Penn Ave in the Strip. South American foodstuffs.
  • Toadflax on Walnut in Shadyside. Overpriced but hard-to-find Mexican peppers.
  • European Stores

  • La Charcuterie: on Ellsworth. European cheeses plus a lot of other random gourmet food selections. Nice desserts.
  • Donatello's, Liberty Ave in Bloomfield. Italian groceries. There are a few other Italian groceries in Bloomfield as well.
  • Bear, Murray & Beacon, Sq Hill. Russian groceries. Good cheese selection & they take suggestions.
  • Polina's, Murray (uphill near Greenfield), Sq Hill. Russian & Eastern European groceries.
  • Several Italian groceries in the Strip, including Pennsylvania Macaroni Co (probably the best selection) and
  • Stamoolis Bros, in the strip. Greek.
  • Middle Eastern Stores

  • In Squirrel Hill, near the corner of Murray & Phillips.
  • In the Strip district, near Sam-Bok.
  • Miscellaneous Stores

  • Wholey's, Strip district. All kind of fresh meats & seafood.
  • The Teapot, on Rt. 19 north in Wexford, a tiny shop with foods from the British Isles (I just got some fabulous blueberry curd and Devon cream for my scones). Also has english teapots, tea cozies, baking tins and a tiny tea-room.
  • The East End Food Co-op (on Penn near Braddock). Organic & natural foods with a good supply of bulk.
  • The Pittsburgh Cheese Terminal wholesale cheese. Lots of varieties & good quality. But you need to want a LOT.
  • Penns Woods Organics in the strip. Organic wholesale. Call to check hours (765-1964)
  • Farmer's Markets

  • East Liberty Farmer's Market in the Penn circle on Sheridan Street. Saturday 5am to noon.
  • Pittsburgh Zoo Farmer's Market in the zoo parking lot Monday & Thursday afternoons in the summer.
  • Wilkinsbug Farmer's Market in the parking lot between Ross St. and South Ave. Thursday late afternoon and in the summer also Monday late afternoon.
  • Kretschmann Farms (farmer's market delivered to your door) For $12/week, you get a crate full of locally-grown veggies. 452-7189.
  • Berry Picking in the Pittsburgh Area

    I don't know where else this could go!
    Newsgroups: pgh.food

    Paraphrasing from Pittsburgh Post Gazette of 06-04-1995 section H-8 written by Suzanne Martinson

    ELBEL'S PRODUCE FARM  (814)938-5878  daily 0700-2000 except Sunday 
    Indiana County
    HILL SIDE ORCHARDS       547-2693    0800-1200 & 1600-1900
    HUFF STRABERRY FARM      865-9593    0800-2000 Mon thru Sat
    KISTACO FARM MARKET      478-4361    hours vary ;  call first
    HENRY MALLISEE FARM      793-0898    0830-1200 & 1830-2030 M-F
    Plum                                 0830-1200 Sat
    McNULTY FARMS            452-4022    0700-Dusk daily
    PASKORZ FARM             265-3073    0800-2000 Mon thru Fri
    West Deer                            0800-1700 Weekends
    REILLY'S SUMMER          364-8270    0800-1700 Mon thru Sat
    SEAT FARMS                           1000-1700 Sunday
    Mount Nebo
    SCHRAMM FARM MARKET      744-7320    0500-2000 Mon & Wed
    Harrison City                        0900-1200 Tues& Thurs
                                         1100-1500 Sat & Sun
    SCHRAMM'S FARM MARKET    282-3714    0800-1500 Tues & Thurs
    South of Butler                      1100-1500 Sat & Sun
    SIMMONS FARMS            941-1490    0800-1200 & 1800-2100 M,W,F
    McMurray                             0800-1200 Sat
    SNYDER'S FARM            445-3116    0700-2000 Daily
    SOERGEL'S                935-1743    0900-1900 Mon thru Fri
    Wexford                              0900-1700 Sat & Sun
    TRIPLE "B" FARMS         258-3557    0800-2000 Mon thru Fri
    Elizabeth exit off 51                0800-1700 Sat,  1000-1700 Sun
    TRAX FARMS               835-3246    0800-2000 Mon thru Sat
    Finleyville                          0800-1800 Sun

    From: "Marcie A. Wallace"
    Newsgroups: pgh.food
    Subject: Re:strawberry picking

    We just went strawberry picking on Tuesday at Triple B farms in Monongahela, PA. The strawberries are wonderful. They are a beautifully deep red that I have never seen in strawberries before. They were also quite plentiful. I picked ~3 quarts (I think the smaller baskets they provide are 4 quarts) and I probably travelled less than 25 feet down the row I was picking. I only chose the very best looking berries--they were so plentiful it was easy to find plenty even with the most stringent criteria. I didn't end up with any that had white patches (or even light pink patches).

    Their picking hours are M-F 8am-8pm, sat 8am-5pm and Sun 10am to 5pm. We started picking around 7pm and were almost the only ones in the field. The phone number is 258-3557.

    Their strawberry festival is this weekend (Sat & Sun, the 17th and 18th). I don't know how much longer the strawberry season is expected to last, but they told us that raspberry season is expected to start 10-13 days from the day we visited (June 13th).

    Directions (with help from Maggie Shumaker's post, which has expired at my site):

    Take route 51 south, past Century III Mall to the Elizabeth Exit (the exit is *right* at the end of the big blue bridge). Go through one traffic light and take a LEFT at the second light. Go through town (go left where you see the "No Outlet" sign) and up a hill, past Lock 3. Go ~4.5 miles (all your turns, starting here, will be marked with *small* signs bearing a picture of whatever is currently in season) and take a LEFT. Go up a hill ~ 1 mile and turn RIGHT just after the house (I think it's the first house on this road) with the live rabbits in the unfenced front yard (drive carefully!). From here, I think there is only one more left turn, but the little signs clearly point the way.